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Anything is possible when builders come together

We are very proud to support Band of Builders, the charity that lets builders like ourselves help our brothers in the trade that have fallen on hard times.

After finding out that Keith had terminal cancer, Band of Builders was formed to raise £100,000 in order to secure Keith’s family’s future so they can stay in the house that has been the subject of so much love and compassion.

But it won’t stop there. Once that aim is achieved the Band of Builders will continue its work, helping other people in their time of need.

Keith’s story has shown exactly what can be achieved when a bunch of people come together out of kindness and compassion and his legacy is the creation of a nationwide effort to help others. We’ve lifted Keith, and we’ll lift many more.

“What these guys have done, and what they’re doing, is amazing. We didn’t think it was possible, that people would do something like that for us.”

Keith's Story

Keith's story

The friendship between Keith Ellick and Addam Smith has created a movement that truly highlights the military like camaraderie that unites builders up and down the country.

When finding out his best friend was terminally ill with cancer Addam Smith set out to do what any mate would do; anything and everything to make life a little bit easier for his mate and his family.

From this, Band Of Builders was created. You can take a further look by taking a look at the Band of Builders website here.

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