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Struggling To Work From Home During Lockdown? We Can Help..

Struggling to work from home during lockdown? A loft conversion could be the answer..

Working from home has become the new norm for so many of us under the current lockdown circumstances, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. I know how difficult it can be to work from home when there are so many distractions, the equipment is inadequate, and the space is lacking. Having two young kids at home myself, I’ve been lucky to be able to escape back to work again! But for those of you still working from home, I may have a solution for all of this.

The loft is a completely wasted space in many houses. Aside from some Christmas decorations and old CD’s, many people rarely go into their loft spaces, and they remain a haven for long forgotten goods. So why not turn that space into a beautiful office? Many lofts span the length of a house meaning that ample space is available, and features such as skylight windows and spotlighting can be installed to allow for an open and airy space to get your head down.

A loft conversion can be daunting; for a lot of people the lack of knowledge about where to begin with when planning a loft conversion can be off-putting. The A.S.L. Carpentry website shows previous loft conversions that we’ve carried out to give you inspiration, from simpler loft conversions, incorporating the space already there, to more complex loft conversions involving expansion of the space using a dormer extension. A loft conversion carried out on my own house is included in the gallery. After getting an idea of what you might want, we can talk through how this would be implemented, and I will come and view the loft space you have to get an idea of your vision. A free quotation is included.

A huge benefit of turning a loft into office space is that it will be away from other areas of the house, meaning that distractions will be minimal. Loft conversions can be a brilliant part of the house to escape to, away from the mania that can occur in life, particularly in lockdown. Kids, partners, dogs, cats can all be shut away whilst you escape to the top floor. Larger loft spaces can allow for multiple rooms to be incorporated, so you can personalise the space however you wish and make it a total getaway from everyday life. 

A loft conversion also adds a lot of value to a house. On average, house value increased by 21% with a loft conversion. The extra floor in a house may also make it more appealing to buyers, especially if the conversion is done to a high standard, meaning that selling may come around quicker. 

We work with you to ensure that the loft conversion you envision is what you get. From a free quotation, designing, drawings, personal one-to-one liaising with myself, Andrew, (the owner of A.S.L. Carpentry Ltd), working within your budget, updates and contact throughout the build process, and a bespoke service with personal specifications to meet your needs, we do our utmost to ensure the whole progression from loft to office space is as smooth as possible for you. 

If you think this sounds like something you might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your plans, no matter how basic or complex. I can be reached on my mobile at 07703 040677 or via email at info@aslconstructionltd.co.uk. There is no obligation to go through with the work, I want to provide you with enough information and a quotation before you make any decisions, so that you can be certain before you carry out any work.